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At Premier Auto Accessories, our team specializes in custom built-in radar detectors. Whether you have a lead foot or you just want to make sure you avoid speeding tickets, a radar detector can help you be aware when there are speed cameras, speed traps, and police officers in the area. We offer a variety of top-quality radar detector options from leading brands, including K40 and Escort. And unlike mobile electronics installers that just suction a radar detector onto your windshield and call it a day, Premier Auto Accessories is proud to offer custom installation on built-in radar detectors. We can make certain that your new radar detector equipment not only functions completely and correctly, but that it also looks great. Utilizing the latest in wireless radar detector technology, we can install sensors in your bumpers without cutting holes and running wires all over your car. These systems use a remote control to manage settings and warning lights on your dash as well as audible alerts to indicate the presence of police radar. In short, you get full radar detector performance and a system that's virtually undetectable to thieves and law enforcement personnel.

K40 is now offering one of the best radar detector models the industry has seen. Using an LED alert system that is integrated right into your speedometer, this design gives you distinct audio and visual signals to alert you of the presence of law enforcement while eliminating the frequency of false alarms. In fact, the manufacturers at K40 are so confident in the design of their radar detectors, they offer a money-back guarantee if you get pulled over. Plus, if you receive a ticket, they'll pay for it! Premier Auto Accessories has a whole selection of radar detectors from K40, so get in touch with our specialists if you'd like to know more.

If you're interested in getting a cutting-edge custom radar detector built into your car or truck, give Premier Auto Accessories a call. Our installers are among the best when it comes to custom built-in radar detectors, so when you want superior results and exceptional performance, you want to come to our pros! We offer some of the best radar detector installation in Morristown, so what are you waiting for? Call now for details, or visit our showroom to take a look at our top radar detector installation in person!

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