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Device Integration

In today’s world, it seems like two things are increasingly true: people are always on the go and they are constantly using—either by choice or necessity—various technologies for entertainment and communication en route. While these modern devices have certainly revolutionized our daily tasks, they are not without their pitfalls—between your Bluetooth adapter, your cell phone charger, and your iPod, your dashboard probably resembles a jungle of wires! If you’re one of the many drivers with excessive amounts of technology crowding your front seat, listening your music and keeping up with the latest news may have actually become MORE difficult than it used to be! Simplify your life by calling Premier Auto Accessories to learn about our device integration services. We can transform that terrible tangle of wires into a sleek onboard display that will not only look sharp, but also making using your portable devices on the go that much easier.

iPod Integration

Are you sick of trying to operate your iPod while you drive, just to have it fall out of your hands and onto the passenger-side floor? Say goodbye to frantically fiddling with your iPod to set your music or having to wade through static thanks to your second-rate FM transmitter, and opt for iPod integration into your car audio system instead. iPod installation is available in a variety of styles and locations in your vehicle to match your aesthetic desires and to allow for convenient operation and clear, crisp sound. Connecting your iPod directly with your car audio system, you get the easy operation you need and the sound quality you want! The iPod integration experts at Premier Auto Accessories can perform iPod installation on both aftermarket and factory stereos, and with our great selection of iPod integration options, we have a product that will work for you. Access all of your music conveniently without distracting yourself while you drive: Call or e-mail us today for iPod integration!

Bluetooth Integration

While laws regrading cell phone use and driving are different in every state, and can even vary at the local level, the practice is dangerous no matter where you are! Plus, if you’re caught driving in a location where hand-held cell phone use is prohibited while operating a motor vehicle, you may be stuck with a ticket and a hefty fine. Driving while chatting is simply not worth the trouble or the danger to you, your passengers, or other motorists. Get smart and get safe: Call Premier Auto Accessories now to learn about Bluetooth integration. Available as add-on units, stand-alone models, or as part of a car audio deck, Bluetooth integration not only makes driving while talking on the phone safer by allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel, but it also makes driving while talking more comfortable, as you won’t be hunched over trying to hold that tiny phone up to your ear. Bluetooth integration also allows drivers to enjoy great convenience features, such as:

  • Touch-screen operation
  • Voice command
  • Voice texting
  • On-screen caller ID

Bluetooth integration and iPod integration should only be performed by professionals to ensure that no harm comes to your car electronics systems or any other component of your vehicle. The experts at Premier Auto Accessories use our more than 30 years of vehicle customization and mobile electronics installation experience to bring you a handsome dashboard, clear communication, and static-free music without all of those pesky wires. Whether you live in Morristown or Somerville, our convenient store location means you won't have to go out of your way to get the enhancement you crave. If you believe that Bluetooth or iPod installation can help make your driving experience safer and more pleasant, call or e-mail us right away. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our wide brand selection, inform you of your installation options, and provide you with a free estimate! 

  • Bluetooth Integration
  • IPod Integration
  • Mp3 Player Integration
Premier Auto Accessories provides a wide range of mobile electronics installation services to customers in Morristown and the surrounding communities. Contact us today for the professional integration of navigation systems, car audio video systems, car alarms, and more. We offer some of the most impressive workmanship in the area!


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