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Blind Spot Sensors

You're driving down the road, preparing to switch lanes. You check your mirrors and see nothing preventing you from moving over. Then, as you begin to turn the wheel to the left, you catch movement out of the corner of your eye and jerk the vehicle back into your lane. There was a car in your blind spot, and only that last-minute flash of motion helped you avoid an accident!

Just about every driver has had this heart-pounding experience at least once, but the good news is that today's innovative technology means these near-misses can become a thing of the past. With a blind spot detection system, you can be fully confident that the adjacent lane is clear when you change lanes, bringing increased safety to you and to other vehicles on the road. Want to learn more? Premier Auto Accessories is here to offer additional information about blind spot mirrors and other systems that can help make your car or truck safer. Call now to get your free estimate.

Back-up cameras are like having eyes in the back of your head; blind spot sensors are like having eyes in the sides of your vehicle. Blind spot detection provides both visual and audible alerts, monitoring your blind spots and ensuring you don't ever accidentally miss the presence of a car, truck, or motorcycle in your blind spot again.

Professional Installation on Blind Spot Mirrors

At Premier Auto Accessories, we work hard to ensure your blind spot mirrors are installed completely and correctly for superior performance. After all, if you can't have complete confidence in the accuracy of your blind spot detection system, why have one installed in the first place? Premier Auto Accessories has been installing aftermarket electronics for more than 30 years, and we work hard to put our expertise and professionalism into every project we complete, including installing blind spot sensors.

Serving drivers across the Morristown region, we have the blind spot monitor products and installation skills you can rely on. When you want to make driving down the road safer, consider a blind spot detection system from Premier Auto Accessories. Contact us now to learn more!

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